Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules – United States of America

Definitions vary among the jurisdictions (states, the federal government, territories, protectorates, etc.).


  • “Register” refers to publications like the Federal Register which may contain notice and/or full text of proposed and adopted rules, and/or other types of government notices. The use of the term Register includes similar publications which, in some jurisdictions, may be called Bulletin or Journal.
  • “Code” refers to publications like the Code of Federal Regulations which contain all effective administrative rules.
  • “Manual” refers to the guidance document produced to assist rulewriting agencies.

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Legislative review may be up to voters

A bill pending in Texas requires agencies to wait before adopting rules until the appropriate standing committee of each house reviews the rules. Under present law the legislature is limited to sending agencies a statement supporting or opposing adoption of a rule. The new legislative review authority, if adopted by the legislature, is contingent upon voters approving a constitutional amendment to provide for legislative review of rules.
H.J.R. 88

HB 1850