What are Administrative Rules

What are Administrative Rules

A rule is a product of rulemaking by a state agency.
Virtually everything in your daily life is affected in some way by rules published by members of ACR from the quality of air you breathe to the licensing of your dentist. You may not know who we are, but you certainly feel the impact of our labors on a daily basis.

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Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules – United States of America

Definitions vary among the jurisdictions (states, the federal government, territories, protectorates, etc.).


  • “Register” refers to publications like the Federal Register which may contain notice and/or full text of proposed and adopted rules, and/or other types of government notices. The use of the term Register includes similar publications which, in some jurisdictions, may be called Bulletin or Journal.
  • “Code” refers to publications like the Code of Federal Regulations which contain all effective administrative rules.
  • “Manual” refers to the guidance document produced to assist rulewriting agencies.

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