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Memberships – Join Us! Types of Memberships

ACR has grown to include members involved in any aspect of administrative rules.

1. ACR Members Governmental

Rule editors, reviewers (from the legislative and executive branches, and independent governmental agencies), legal counsel, and state agency rule writers round out today’s membership.

There are still those members who have many of the same responsibilities as the ACR founders — they file, edit and publish — their state’s administrative rules.

2. ACR Members Nongovernmental

Non-voting members of ACR include private sector rule publishers, compilers, and database editors from various companies or organizations involved with administrative rules. These nongovernmental companies are split into three categories.

  • NASS/ACR Corporate Affiliate: These are corporations who are registered with the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) as a corporate affiliate.
    The levels for a yearly corporate affiliate include: Platinum,  Gold, and Silver. Contact Stacy Dodd at (202) 624-3525  about becoming a NASS Corporate Affiliate.
    For more information visit
  • NASS/ACR Corporate Sponsor: These are companies who sponsor conferences at different levels – from $2,500 up to $20,000. Contact Stacy Dodd at (202) 624-3525  about becoming Summer Conference Sponsor.
  • NASS/ACR Corporate Member: These are companies that are not registered with NASS as a corporate affiliate or corporate sponsor but still want to participate at the ACR winter meeting or summer conference. Some of these members still support ACR by sponsoring an event, or a breakfast, lunch or dinner that are not on the agenda.

A NASS/ACR corporate affiliate and/or sponsor membership has an advantage as the company pays less to sign up for a meeting or conference. Attendees representing a company that are NOT a NASS corporate affiliate or sponsor should register as “corporate non-members.”


Networking among state rules personnel is an important objective of ACR.

ACR meetings and conferences focus on legal issues in rulemaking; printing, marketing, and distribution strategies; rules review; and advances in computer and publication technology. Sessions include panels, demonstrations, and speakers of national reputation.

Conference dates, schedules and registration fees are posted on this website.

How do I…. Join ACR?

Membership in ACR is open to all persons in government and the private sector who have a professional interest in administrative law.

There are no dues to join; our bylaws specify the types of ACR memberships available, whether it be a government or non-government member.

To learn more about becoming a member, contact us.

Get involved
ACR has many ways in which you can contribute to the organization. The officers encourage participation at all levels, whether it be working on a committee or corporate sponsorship of an event at our meetings or conferences. Simply contact one of our officers for more information.