2023-2024 Officers

ACR President
Jill S. Ledbetter, Editor-in-Chief, Texas Register and Texas Administrative Code
President Ledbetter has served in multiple roles including the Southern Representative, ACR Vice President and was nominated and confirmed unanimously this last summer as the ACR President.
President Ledbetter is Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Register and Texas Administrative Code which is under the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.
She supervises a team of nine, and together they produce the weekly Texas Register publication as well as all associated updates to the Texas Administrative Code.
The Register is available in print as well as in various formats online. Additionally, two of the Texas team are tasked with other duties for the Secretary of State’s Office.
In addition to ensuring the timely production of our weekly issue, President Ledbetter interacts with stakeholders which ranges from members of the general public looking for information to agency rule writers, executive directors, and general counsels.
She is also the clerk for the Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council, a multi-agency council tasked with studying records management across Texas state agencies and reporting those findings to the Governor and Legislature.
President Ledbetter has been with the Texas SOS for more than 33 years, all with the Texas Register in a variety of roles.
Prior to entering state government service, she was a sports reporter and broadcaster.

Vice President
Trinette Middlebrook, Administrative Rules Specialist, Idaho Dept. of Health & Welfare
Vice President Middlebrook is a Rules Specialist for Idaho Department of Health & Welfare  where she is involve with following and reviewing all legislation and identifying bills that may affect the Department and its business.
After the moratorium on rulemaking last year in Idaho, their Administrative Rules Unit which includes ACR member Frank Powell hit the ground running starting their yearlong process of rulemaking.
Vice President Middlebrook believes that every day is a new day with a new situation or problem to solve.
She really enjoys her work because they are able to have collaborative relationships with many different programs and entities in Idaho government, which makes finding a solution possible.

Secretary – Treasurer
Mike Duchek, Senior Attorney, Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau