2014 Winter Business Meeting Agenda


JW Marriott Hotel

Washington, DC

February 13-15, 2014

ACR Business Meeting Agenda

Thursday, February 13, 2014

1. Welcome
2. Treasurer’s Report
a. ACR Expenditures for Alaska Summer Conference (Travel, AV, speakers, etc.)
Award – Plaquemaker.com $  127.46
Labor & Electricity Dena’ina, $250/day @ 3 days $  750.00
Total Conference Expenditures $  877.46

ACR  allotted us $3,000 from the NASS conference budget.

b. Report submitted by Secretary/Treasurer, Emily Caudill
3. State and Federal Survey
a. Use same format and questions as last update? Changes/Additions?
b. Suggestions from Vice President Kerry Radcliff to use a new survey method. Current method is being maintained by Jane Chaffin’s IT department. Use a survey engine with longevity to it such as Survey Monkey?
4. ACR Website Updates
a. Current service, reimbursement to Jeff Hague, Delaware
b. Service through same company as NASS? No reimbursement check.
5. ACR Archives
a. It has been suggested to the ACR president through a few members that ACRs paper documents be archived.
b. Archives Committee? Or just Secretary/Treasurer duty?
c. NASS archives its documents at the Missouri State Archives. Stacy Dodd said we can archive our information in Missouri if we choose to do so.
6. Summer Conference
a. Who plans to attend?
b. Agenda – What would you like to see on the agenda?
c. Who would like to be on the committees?
Awards Committee – Chair ?
Officer’s/Representatives Nominations Committee – Chair?
Program Committee – Chair ?
7. Other Business and Open Discussion
a. Retirements, Mike White
b. List of Service and documentation
c. Recognition
8. Adjourn