2011 Winter Meeting

2011 Winter Meeting, Virtual Meeting On-line

February 10-11, 2011

ABOUT: The Administrative Codes and Registers Section will hold an on-line meeting in February instead of traveling to Washington, D.C. for the 2011 Winter Meeting. Because of the extreme economic circumstances facing most of the states, only a small number of ACR members could attend the planned face-to-face meeting. To remedy the small attendance numbers, ACR has arranged to use a “virtual classroom” for the on-line meeting, which will be held on February 10 and 11, 2011.


CLOSED for Feburary 10, 2011
CLOSED for February 11, 2011


To register for the on-line meeting, please download the registration form (pdf) found on this web page and fill it out electronically.

You may submit the form by simply clicking the “Submit by Email” button on the upper-right corner of the form. If you cannot see the button, please save the completed form and email it as an attachment to StateRules@state.nm.us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . When entering phone and fax numbers on the form, just enter the numbers; do not worry about the dashes or parenthesis.

CONFERENCE FEE: Please note that there will be no charge to attend the on-line meeting.


Conference Information


Thursday, February 10, 2011


Who’s Who, What’s New? Bullet Point Slides Posted

  • Federal Register ~ www.federalregister.gov
  • Idaho ~ Code online version as official in law – See      Idaho 67-5204.      Publication of administrative code.
  • Kentucky ~ Proposed legislation changes to APA – More Here.
    Code on DVD or CD ($Savings 22K per year)
    SharePoint (Microsoft) in the future? Learn more about SharePoint here.
  • New Mexico ~ To publish or not to publish? Supreme      Court Decision and 32 rules based on Executive Order 2011-001.
  • New York ~ Weekly e-mail notification of availability      of on-line Register.
    E-certifications accepted in the fall of 2010.
  • North Carolina ~ Governor’s Executive Order – EO 70: Rules Modification and Improvement      Program
  • Oregon ~ On-line Notice Filing System to be able to add      attachments and longer summaries.
  • Texas ~ Word docs filed. No more SGML with XML tags.
    Dan talked about the term “cloud.” Cloud computing systems      provide computation, software, and data access services without requiring      end-user knowledge of or dependence on the system’s physical location and      configuration.
  • West Virginia ~ E-rules starting the process with IT
  • Utah ~ E-Rules 2 – Live July 2009, User Manual for      E-Rules using DocBook markup. Division of Administrative Rules partnered      with Division of State Libraries to create a catalog materials      incorporated by reference.
    Review of all regulations. Governor initiated, read the Blog page of the      list Web site for more information. Not done by Executive Order.
    Utah’s      Documentation Wiki ~ LINK TO SAMPLE (this is      a temporary link)
  • Virginia ~ Amendments to APA 2011.
    General updates to APA HB1969HB2066
    Hyperlinks to forms from Administrative Register and Code
    Documents incorporated by reference
  • Washington ~ Governor EO 906 Rulemaking Moratorium;      2006 Electronic Filings began via e-mail; 2007 Official Version on-line of      Register; Code on CD once a year.

Friday, February 11, 2011 ~ Presentations

Working with Vietnam to Develop Their Code

Amy Bunk, D.C.
Miriam Vincent, D.C.
Federal Register

Roundtable Discussion

  • Moratorium on Rulemaking – 10 to 11 states currently      have some type of Moratorium
  • Incorporated by Reference Material – States that allow      it, who does it for future use?

Authentication of Online Legal Documents

Jeff Hague, Delaware
Contact information

Authentication (the MD5 Hash)
The Utah Division of Administrative Rules has generated an MD5 hash for the PDF files (files saved with an “.PDF” extension) and the compressed WordPerfect files (1996 and 1997 only; files saved with a “.zip” extension) that can be downloaded from this web page. An MD5 hash is, in essence, a signature for a file. You can confirm the integrity of the files you download by comparing the MD5 hash the Division has posted with one that you generate. Various software packages are available that permit you to generate an MD5 hash such as MD5Summer (graphical user interface), winMD5Sum (graphical user interface), MD5SUMS (no graphical user interface), or File Checksum Integrity Verifier (no graphical user interface). If the hashes do not match exactly, then the integrity of the file is in question. Please contact the Division of Administrative Rules immediately if the hash numbers do not match.

MD5 Generators

BagIt ~ Digital Preservation (Library of Congress)

Utah’s MD5 Generator – Contact
Kenneth A. Hansen, Director, Division of Administrative Rules
Phone: (801) 538-3777

NM State Rules Act: A Different Kind of APA

52 Experiments with Regulatory Review


1st Business Meeting ~ February 10, 2011

Business Meeting Attendance

  1. Amy Bunk
  2. Mike White
  3. Ray Mosley
  4. John Martinez
  5. Emily Caudill
  6. Scott Cancelosi
  7. Bev Barr
  8. Brad Hunt
  9. Christine Works
  10. Dan Procter
  11. Deanna Maiolo
  12. Debbie Ritzko
  13. Frank Powell
  14. Joe DeLuca
  15. Molly Masich
  16. Jane Chaffin
  17. Jeff Hague
  18. Jerry Balan
  19. Judy Cooper
  20. Julie Yamaka
  21. Karen Schneider
  22. Ken Hansen
  23. Kerry Radcliff
  24. Kim Crawford
  25. Mike Broshinsky
  26. Nancy Lancaster
  27. Pam Booth
  28. Peggy Coe
  29. Sarah Amburgey

2nd Business Meeting ~ Friday, February 11, 2011

Business Meeting Attendance

1. John Martinez

2. Scott Cancelosi

3. Amy Bunk

4. Bev Barr

5. Brad Hunt

6. Kerry Radcliff

7. Christine Works

8. Cliff Li

9. Dan Procter

10. Deanna Maiolo

11. Debbie Ritzko

12. Debra Morrell

13. Denise Kipfstuhl

14. Dennis Stevenson

15. Emily Caudill

16. Elizabeth Palen

17. Frank Powell

18. Jane Chaffin

19. Jeff Hague

20. Jerry Balan

21. Joe Deluca

22. Jon Davidson

23. Judy Cooper

24. Julie Yamaka

25. Karen Schneider

26. Ken Hansen

27. Kim Crawford

28. Mike White

29. Miriam Vincent

30. Molly Masich

31. Pamela Booth

32. Peggy Coe

33. Susan Volotta


Vendors in Attendance