Alternative to Attending Summer Conference Announced

A number of you have mentioned that you are not able to attend the 2012 Summer Conference in person, but would be interested in attending online; therefore, arrangements have been made for all the sessions to be broadcast online through a conferencing system called WebEx.  There  will be full video and audio capabilities, online chat and additional features we have not had with other systems in the past.  Online attendees will be able to participate in the sessions almost as though they were in person at the conference. There will be a charge of $50 to attend the conference online which can be paid through the NASS website, similar to an in-person registration. The charge will help cover the cost of the online conferencing.  The link to register is; please note that this link is the only way to reach the registration page for online attendance.
I hope all of you who cannot attend in person will take advantage of this opportunity to attend online.  Please contact me if you have questions.